Sometimes it's nice to know that there's a resource out there where people can go and discuss their hobbies and interests. As a backyard game player and small business owner I find myself always going back to to check out their forums and photo galleries. From there you can witness first hand the pride and passion of some of the community's leaders. Whether it's in their custom games, built one at a time and with great care, or if it's their thoughtful discussion on how to expand the games we love to a broader audience. If you're reading Ninja Blog you'd probably enjoy spending a moment at and seeing what the community at large is up to. was started by an inventor and the forum and photo galleries show just how inventive Americans are. New games get created and suggested on the site and a jury of enthusiasts make suggestions. The games we all love took generations to get popular enough to make it around the world, but now, with anyone and any game can be given a fair shot and usually those that post ideas do so in a sharing mentality, including plans and instructions so that you can build your own. A very pleasant diversion indeed.
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