Greetings Backyard Lovers!

One of the most challenging and rewarding projects you can undertake for your backyard is to build your own horseshoe pits. Horseshoe pits, when done well, can add to and enhance your backyard, making them a value to not only your property and its value, but also to your quality of life. However, the opposite holds true, too, and horseshoe pits that are constructed last-minute, without much planning or quality can take away from a backyard's charm, lessening your home's value and making it less likely that you'd use them much. I've done some research on your behalf and I believe I found one of the better "how to" guides on building your own pits. This is a great link from the trusted folks at Popular Mechanics (leave to it a bunch of nerd rocket builders to do this right). You'll find that this how-to is one of the better ones because it speaks honestly about time, money and materials, as well as has descriptive charts and pictures. Let us know if you found it helpful or if you have found a better one and I'll share it here. Also, show us your pit-pics, whether you used this guide or not.

with proper planning, a horseshoe pit can add to a backyard, not take away from it.

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