Please allow me to use the first blog post to introduce the new website and to set the stage for in 2011. Winter's nearly over and is making preparations for a busy season by working with its vendors to make sure we have plenty of supply this Spring. We have spent the Fall and Winter tweaking every aspect of our company to better respond to our customers, and with their helpful comments and reviews we are confident that we've perfected our one-of-a-kind product, the Backyard Ninja! 

With its ability to have up to 20 playing backyard games only moments after you've opened up the kit, the Backyard Ninja provides people who use their backyards to entertain a very unique option to make sure their parties are one-of-a-kind and enjoyed by all. Bear with me while I explain how 20 people can all be playing lawn games only moments after you lay the kit down in this hypothetical:

Lay down your Backyard Ninja and tell eight people to pair up and each grab a Bocce Ball. Next, hand over the Disc-O Towers set and the 175 gram flying disc and tell four more to pair up and prepare to be diving all over the place. Step three, get Gramps and his three friends the horseshoes and tell 'em to go get a couple ringers. Grab your Hacky Sack and tell a handful of lazy teenagers to get a "hack." And, finally, you and your wife challenge the Smiths to round of Washer Toss. You haven't even played all of the games included in your Backyard Ninja, but you've got 24 people up and moving, cheering and laughing. 

This is why we believe that the future of our brand and our products is so strong - Nothing else on the market today offers such a durable, portable, unique and wholesome good time in the outdoors. So whether it's a backyard party for adults, a camping trip with the family or you're getting ready for the big family reunion, if you bring a Backyard Ninja you'll be ensuring that your gathering's a huge hit! See our Products page for all of our offerings. Game On!

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